The Great Volcanic E-bike Tour

Our first mountain bike tour exclusively designed for e-bikes. An epic three days ride with e-bikes from the Sea to the top of Mount Etna. A unique adventure to climb the highest active volcano in Europe from the sea level.

First day: Arrival

Arrival at the airport and transfer to the Agriturismo by the Ionian Sea. Dinner and overnight stay.

Second day:

Sea -> Alcantara Valley 45 km and 900 metres of uphill ascent

We start our epic climb to the Volcano from the San Marco beach, and following uphill the Alcantara river, we will head to the famous gorges.

Alcantara Valley tracks
Alcantara Valley tracks

The route, characterised by trails, away from traffic and ancient “trazzere” or country roads, will make us discover suggestive corners. In gradual ascent, we will go to the discovery of ancients Sicilian Masserie o farmhouses, Norman bridges and above all the Alcantara Valley natural reserve.

After a quick visit to the Gorges, we head then uphill for Castiglione di Sicilia where we will make a short visit to beautiful Castello Lauria, on top of the village, where we will have a magnificent view of the whole Alcantara Valley.

After Castiglione, we will go down again to the river to pay a visit to the Cuba Bizantina, an ancient Byzantine chapel of the 7th century, before arriving at the Agriturismo where we will stop for dinner and overnight stay.

Third day:

Alcantara Valley -> Mount Etna 42 Km and 1400 metres of uphill ascent

We leave the Alcantara Valley heading to the slopes of Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe, added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in June 2013.

Leaving the agriturismo we ride along an ancient Roman road, known today as the ‘wine road’ due to the many wineries in the area, before entering the reserved area of Mount Etna Park, for an unforgettable experience on our mountain bikes.

We’ll cross old lava fields which give you an idea of the destructive force of the volcano. Volcanic ash characterizes the landscape, while the mountain track surface and old lava flows will put both riders and their bikes to the test. We’ll be able to admire and ride over more recent lava flows, coming into close contact with “Mungibeddu” (Etna’s nickname in Sicilian) and its rich wild flora and fauna.

Mount Etna woods
Mount Etna woods

We will ride through the oldest and most splendid pine tree woods on Etna before finishing at a cosy mountain chalet where we will stop for dinner and overnight stay.

Fourth day:

To the top of Mount Etna, 45 km with 1450 meters of uphill ascent

On this day we start our final climb to the top of the highest active volcano in Europe. Starting from the wooden chalet in the Ragabo pine forest, we start our climb on the asphalt road that leads to Piano Provenzana.

We will then take an off-road track, with the characteristic volcanic soil of sand and rock, through a unique territory for an unforgettable experience on your mountain bike.

Ride to the Top of Mount Etna

As we go up the vegetation start to disappear and it will feel like you are definitely riding on the Moon. We will go across old and recent lava fields, pass by the 2002 eruption craters, and reach the volcanological observatory

Mount Etna is a living mountain that breathes. Often you find yourself pedalling and hearing in the background the powerful “voice” of the volcano that accompanies cyclists towards the arrival at altitude.

After a break to admire the stunning view from 3.000 metres asl, we start our descent towards the small village of Milo, where our epic tour ends with a delicious Sicilian dinner, a couple of glasses of local red wine, and a comfortable overnight stay.

Fifth day: Departure

Transfer to Catania airport.


Tour itinerary

Ionian Sea -> Alcantara Valley
Alcantara Valley -> Mount Etna
Mount Etna Top