The River Simeto and the medieval castle on e-bikes

On this bike tour we explore the banks of Sicily’s main river, the Simeto. It’s an ideal excursion for families and also for less experienced cyclists who will love this ride through the nature reserve by the river.

Escursione ideale per famiglie
Ideal excursion for families

We start by going upriver, riding the mostly flat trail on the left bank. During our ride we’ll see different animals and many birds that nest in the bends and in the trees along by the riverside. When we reach the Ponte Barca nature reserve, we’ll also have the opportunity to admire numerous aquatic and migratory birds.

Castello Medioevale di Poira
Medieval Castle of Poira

From Ponte Barca we begin a climb which will take us uphill to 320m above sea level where the ruins of Poira Castle are located. This medieval castle is now abandoned and offers a magnificent view over the Simeto river valley. On the way up to the castle we’ll be passing by large citrus groves as this is one of the areas well-known for the Sicilian Tarocco blood oranges. During the winter season we can stop to pick and taste one of these tasty delicacies. There will also be plenty of olive groves and wheat fields all around, reminding us that we are in the Piana di Catania, one of the most fertile areas of the island.

Blood oranges
Blood oranges

After a brief visit to the ruins of the castle, we return downhill in a loop route back towards the Ponte Barca reserve before cycling back along the right bank of the river Simeto to return to our starting point.

Also available with e-bikes. Transfer from and to Catania city centre and surrounding areas is included in the price.