Il Giro dell’Etna with e-bike

Il Giro dell’Etna, ride on the highest active volcano in Europe. Experience the lava and the forests that grow on it. A must for mountain bikers.

On this day, we’ll explore the Mt Etna national park on mountain bikes.

We’ll start our ride on the southern slopes of the volcano, near the Rifugio Sapienza, and then ride along the famous Pista Altomontana (high mountain track) with its lava rock mountain huts, to reach the northern side.  We’ll cross age-old  lava fields which give you an idea of the destructive force of nature on the volcano.

Giro dell'Etna mtb
Giro dell’Etna mtb

Volcanic ash characterizes the landscape, while the mountain track surface and old lava flows will put both riders and bikes to the test.  We’ll be able to admire and ride over old and more recent lava flows, coming into close contact with “Mungibeddu”, unique to its kind, besides being rich in wild flora and fauna.  We’ll  also ride through the oldest and most splendid pine tree woods on Etna and after seeing the ‘Zappinazzo’, the oldest and most majestic pine tree on Etna, we’ll head for Milo, on the north-eastern slopes, through the famous 10 kilometres single track of the Etna Marathon race.

Pine forests on Mount Etna
Pine forests on Mount Etna

Il Giro dell’Etna by mountain bike: cycling on an active volcano will be an unforgettable experience!