Etna explorer e-bike tour

Etna explorer: a 2-hour e-bike tour suitable for all ages and levels, that gives us a taste of the wonders of Etna and its fascinating volcanic environment. The tour is very scenic and alternates between forests and old lava fields, with a few surprise highlights that will make you love this incredible volcano and this tour.

Departing from Chalet Clan dei Ragazzi, we begin the ride northwards on Etna’s ‘Altomontana’ trail, crossing centuries-old lava fields in the process as well as more recent (2002) lava flows that give you an idea of the destructive force of nature of an active volcano.



We cycle through Etna’s oldest and most beautiful pine forest, the ‘Pineta Ragabo’ and visit one of the amazing lava flow caves on the slopes of the volcano, before heading back downhill to the starting point. This is an extremely scenic 20 km tour, a short but intense experience on Europe’s highest active volcano.