E-bike on Etna with outdoor gourmet lunch

A full-on experience, an e-bike ride in the unique environment of an active volcano, through dense forests, across ancient lava flows, past lava caves and extinct craters. All of this is followed by a light outdoor lunch with local delicacies, the result of long-standing culinary traditions with fantastic flavours for the palate.

We set off from Milo on our sturdy but comfortable e-bikes. The route takes us immediately uphill towards the woodland Bosco della Cerrita in the Sant’Alfio area. We ride past the majestic trees (Cerri, a particular oak) and head uphill towards the higher altitudes of the volcano, where we will have the opportunity to visit lava flow caves and extremely interesting lava environments with extinct “button” craters and ancient lava flows.


As we climb in altitude, the vegetation changes, almost abruptly, and we cross chestnut, oak and pine forests until we reach the only birch forest in the Mediterranean basin, at an altitude of about 1,700 metres. The story of how this plant arrived at such low latitudes and managed to acclimatise to the lava soil is very special. Then we begin the descent back towards Milo through the beautiful Cubania pine forest. Before reaching the arrival point, we stop for a well-deserved light lunch on the outskirts of Milo, to enjoy the flavours and traditions of the past at GetYourEtna.


The bond between the Sicilians and Mount Etna has been established and strengthened through the culinary traditions that have always been handed down from grandmothers to the next generation. The harvest of nature is the raw material used in the kitchen and all the recipes have as their ultimate goal respect for the fruits of nature and their combining to create delicious dishes.