25th wedding anniversary biking on Mount Etna

25th wedding anniversary biking on Mount Etna

Here’s a lovely story:
Rebecca and Andy from North Carolina (USA) contacted us a few months ago asking whether we could organise an MTB Tour on Mount Etna, together with their five children, for their 25th wedding anniversary.
It was quite a challenge for us to tailor an enjoyable off-road course for the whole family. Also, they were on a cruise. That means we had another issue to handle: they only had 5 hours to do the mtb ride plus the Sicilian lunch, before heading back to the ship.

The ride on Mount Etna was excellent (as usual), and all of them enjoyed the beautiful and unique trails of the Volcano, with Marco guiding them. The older kids had a lot of fun speeding downhill, and sometimes they also crashed, but that was part of the game!

After the ride, they had a lovely Sicilian lunch at the Chalet Clan dei Ragazzi, where they also found a small surprise from us: a wedding anniversary cake (Rebecca started to cry when she saw the cake: too many emotions in only one day!)

In the end, they arrived at Catania port just in time to get on board, after an incredibly emotional day, what an experience they had!

Here’s Rebecca message after getting back on board:
The last ones to get on board. Thanks for a perfect day filled with wonderful memories for us all
Rebecca and Andy Castillo
Alec, Nick, Connor, Carolina and Kendall